Give Love

Donate gently used clothing, toys, books, or other children’s furnishings to our Fosters United Clothing Closet.

Volunteer at our clothing closet or our support groups.

Raise funds for Fosters United.

Check out our wish list and purchase new items for foster children.

  • Diapers
  • Underwear/Socks/Pajamas
  • Seasonal clothing in all sizes and genders
  • Blue Jeans
  • Nice Children’s Shoes
  • Spring Jackets
  • Beds & Cribs (must meet safety requirements)


Inspire Hope

Offer a service to a foster family – house cleaning, lawn care, babysitting, tutoring, or even a meal is such a blessing.

Pray for foster families and the children in their care.

Share your foster care journey with others who would benefit from your testimony.

Open your home to a foster child.


Strengthen Families

Befriend a foster mom. Give her your listening ear and shoulder to cry on.

Pray for the marriages of foster parents.

Stand with this family through court dates, doctors appointments, developmental therapy, and family bonding.

Offer a marriage retreat, pay for summer camp, or give the family a movie night.

Love their children.

Remember, some families are volunteer foster families through kinship placements or Safe Families. Every penny they spend on the child is out of their own pocket.

                     If you love this family, find a way to help them.